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Aegis Archive

This site was created to chronicle the events surrounding the League and the Miami City Center in hopes of providing citizens with the necessary information to stay safe.

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The Archive was established in September of 2144 in the wake of the conflict with the League in hopes of providing up-to-date and relevant information to ensure the safety of all citizens within the Miami City Center and beyond. Archi Ofmn, Intelligence Overseer at Aegis, has spearheaded the initiative and worked to ensure that all processes are streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Aegis, as it is known today, was founded in the year 2123 by Magnus, Benedict, and Atomos to combat increased activity by earth-threatening forces, such as the infamous warlord Wilhelm Fenrir. In the years since, the organization has expanded from a privately-owned company to a world-spanning governmental organization with oversight over the Citadels. The Aegis military includes Synthetics, Humans, and Powereds, all of whom are devoted to keeping the peace and ensuring a tranquil future for all citizens of Earth.

Aegis Archive serves as one of many divisions within the increasingly multi-faceted Aegis, and, as a more nascent addition, would benefit from more personnel. If you are interested in a career at the Aegis Archive, send an inquiry through the inquiries page.