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///On Citadels

On Citadels (3/4/2133)

Citadels have always been a mysterious part of human history. Only recently did we elucidate that they are actually multi-dimensional constructs designed by the Xerians.
What purpose they served and what functionality they retain after all this time remains a mystery, one which I hope to solve through my research, as Xerian technology is the key to biological immortality.
Things that we do understand: no human has entered a Citadel and it’s unlikely one ever will, and that Citadels are still active and on a standby state. What the Citadels are waiting for is also unknown, an annoying theme anyone researching them will become quickly acquainted with. But, while entry still remains impossible, it is possible to interface with low-level computers strewn about certain panels on the exterior of select Citadels.
Currently, I’m conducting experiments on one of these panels on the Citadel in Omaha. Access to low-level functions, such as sanitation and tile opacity has been achieved, and, by turning one tile entirely transparent, I was able to see the inside of a Citadel. Likely I’m the first human to ever do so.
And I’m thrilled to say that Citadels are empty voids.
There is nothing inside them, simple abysses of darkness with the occasional shape that floats by. A disappointing find, especially considering the innumerable years I’ve devoted towards mastering Xerian technology.
Regardless, it’s a find, and I’ll compile that, along with other thoughts, into a more professional paper for publication.
Perhaps it will net me a Nobel? Who knows?