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This site was created to chronicle the events surrounding the League and the Miami City Center in hopes of providing citizens with the necessary information to stay safe.

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///Archi Ofmn

The Intelligence Overseer at Aegis and the head of the Aegis Archive, Archi Ofmn has served the organization faithfully and effectively for over a decade now. During the Crisis, Archi served on the front lines along with Magnus and Atomos, and even fought Aulians in Nebraska. When the Crisis ended and the Abandoned Sectors began spreading across the Earth at rapid speeds, Archi helped Magnus direct the reparation effort and construct the City Centers. Since then, he’s worked diligently to ensure that the City Centers remain crime free and that wanted criminals are found and arrested.

Born in rural Kansas, Archi moved to Seattle at a young age then attended college, where he received degrees in both Forensic Science and Business Administration. Beginning as a low-level manager in the West Coast wing of Aegis, Archi quickly rose up the ranks and became an operative after proving his mental acuity and physical prowess. For four years Archi worked in the field, apprehending dangerous criminals and collecting data for Aegis.

After retiring from Field Ops, Archi applied for a position within the Intelligence Branch of Aegis, and was personally promoted to Intelligence Overseer by Magnus. He also has close ties to Project ASCENSION, which was, unfortunately, dissolved after the Crisis.