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This site was created to chronicle the events surrounding the League and the Miami City Center in hopes of providing citizens with the necessary information to stay safe.

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/// Aegis Archive Founded in wake of Terrorist Attack


Following the League’s attack on Aegis Headquarters in Miami and increased activity from the cult led by the enigmatic Deathless, Magnus has launched an initiative designed to provide realtime updates to citizens in an effort to increase public awareness of the situation.

“Aegis is now more committed than ever to ensuring the public safety, and these new initiatives reflect that,” Magnus said at a press briefing shortly after the attacks.

The aging head of Aegis attended the event with his adopted daughter, Emily Halifax, who helps him handle administrative and tactical operations within the organization.

Magnus’s closest allies within Aegis, Benedict and Atomos, were not present for the briefing, as they have both been MIA on an undercover mission for several months according to Aegis. In their stead two, new Powered Operatives known to the public only as Beta and Ooze were in attendance.

The Aegis Archive is to launch shortly, and is to be spearheaded by Aegis Intelligence Overseer, Archi Ofmn. What the initiative has to offer and how Aegis will handle the threat of the Deathless remains to be seen.